Physical not Social Distancing

March 20, 2020

Physical not Social Distancing

Instead of calling it social distancing we like physical distancing, we are making every effort to stay close to our community and support each other virtually. This is definitely a strange time, we don’t know what’s happening and our normal routines are long gone. How are you all handling this homebound lifestyle we’ve been thrown into? 
To be honest this past weekend has had us frozen trying to process and figure out how to manage the next few weeks, months (who knows?). Once the paralysis wore off we knew we needed to formulate a plan. And the top priority of our plan is keep our family safe and healthy. So we wanted to share 4 things we are doing to make this happen: 
*Wash hands often 
*Exercise Daily
*Find joy each day 
  • We know washing our hands is key right now, we just have to keep doing it all the time. My kids are even competing to see how long they can actually wash! Find a fun song like this one from Jimmy Fallon or make it a game. 
  • Everyone is stocking their pantries with shelf stable food which is important but let’s not forget the power and importance of fruits and veggies. To fight infections we need our bodies to be prepared, when we get an infection our body creates “oxidative stress” as a response to fight the infection.  Free radicals produced by oxidative stress are what make us feel sick. When the infection is gone our body gets rid of those free radicals and turns down inflammation. The best way to get rid of the remaining free radicals is antioxidants; and fruits and veggies will help keep your immune system healthy!  Here is a great visual from Dr. Terry Wahls to try and maintain daily. 

  • Daily physical activity is crucial for everyone’s sanity, especially right now when stress levels are high! Each night schedule your workout time for the next day, put it in your calendar and block out that time. Here are some great FREE home workouts, rotate through them all and it should give you plenty of options: 

*Peloton is offering a 90 day free trial for their app (typically $12.99 per month) Great on-demand classes, yoga, strength, running, and even weights. Many classes require no equipment.

*Barry’s has live classes streaming on their IG page, starting March 23rd they’ll have some classes that incorporate bands. You can even go buy their own bands to make the classes more challenging.  
*System of Strength is doing a 7 day free trial for their digital studio, great HIIT classes even if you only have 20 minutes.  
*Strengthen and balance with Barre 3 offering a 15 day free trial.   
*Follow fitness influencers like Kelsey Wells, Cara Loren, Kayla Itsines,and PopSugar Fitness who post free workouts.  
*If you have littles in the house Cosmic Kids Yoga is amazing. She even has classes like Pokemon and Star Wars, our kids got really into it!   

    • Find joy everyday. What brings you joy? Maybe it’s a walk outside to clear your head, reading a juicy book, organizing your sock drawer, pampering yourself with a little pick me up purchase. Whatever it is, make it happen. Here are purchases we’ve been eyeing this week:

    *For your best beauty sleep a Satin pillow will do the trick (25% off) 

    *Stay fresh and bright with a new skin care routine (10% off) 

    *Bring flowers inside your home with these pretty spring Floral leggings (25% off) 

    *Step up your work from home attire in some denim with dot denim (30% off entire J Crew site) 

    *In-home spa time with luxurious bath salts from Goop and a little mini nail starter set. 

    Sending virtual hugs and high fives! And wishing you and your families a safe and sane time while we navigate the new road ahead. 
    RingHero Squad
    Jessica, Jessie, and Niki

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