Stay Fit Today Through New Years 💪

December 08, 2017

Stay Fit Today Through New Years 💪

It’s all well and good to set New Year's resolutions (more to come on this topic at a later date) but if we stay ahead of our future resolution and maintain our fit attitude through the holidays we’ll be steps ahead come January 1st.  

Why is it so hard to stay on track during the holidays?  Obvious question but it helps to figure the roadblocks. It’s difficult because you are surrounded by foods that you don’t normally eat, you travel cross-country outside of your regular gym/spin class routine, and well to be honest time off from our everyday hustle can be pretty amazing and we want to just relax on all fronts. Ok keep reading if you want to keep your fitness going while still enjoying the holidays. 

Ways to stay fit during holidays

1. You have to move!  Seems obvious right?  Well it becomes harder with cold temps and so much holiday stuff going on.  Cozy blankets and Netflix can be pretty appealing! Need suggestions- try taking a hike, snowshoeing, ice skating, cross country skiing, or take your dog for a long walk. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we have to lock ourselves inside! 

2. Challenge Yourself! Create a challenge that will get you through these 24 days.  Here are a few examples;

    *Hit 10,000 steps everyday
    *Run at least 1 mile each day
    *Eat 10 servings of fruits/vegetables each day
     Ugly Sweater Run
    3. Races are an awesome way to help keep you moving!  Many cities have a Santa 5K, Jingle Jog or some type of fun winter race. Grab friends and a Santa suit (more layers to keep you warm) and tie up those laces!  There’s even an Ugly Sweater Run in Chicago December 16th. If you need help with the proper layering click here 
    4. Try something new.  You’ve been meaning to try OrangeTheory or maybe Barry’s Boot camp, or even that new yoga studio that just opened in your hood.  Now is the perfect time to get in there! What if you are not  spending the holidays at home? Do your research before your travels and find out what gym options that city offers. Orange Theory has something like 625 locations so there’s a good chance they have a location in driving to where you are headed.  Click here to find out.
    5. Fitness apps are the perfect solution when you are traveling and can’t get to your favorite classes.  There are a ton of apps out there, some even free. Here are three options we are loving right now.
    *System of Strength – Digital Studio is amazing , $19.99/month gets you access to killer workouts by amazing trainers you can do from anywhere!  That’s $1.50/day!!
    *Asana Rebel - This yoga app is awesome for variety and even has super short workouts when you are in a rush.  The basic version is free and you can pay a monthly fee for enhanced features like personalized coaching tips and custom workout tips.
    *Nike Fit Training –  Free app with over 100 workouts.  Watch athletes and top trainers walk you through the workouts.  Even select your own background music straight from your phone.
    Start a family tradition
    6. Start a family tradition. Since you’ll already be with family over the holidays why not start a new healthy tradition.  Map out a 5K race in your Grandma’s neighborhood. Family can walk or run and meet back for hot chocolate.  Take a family hike after you open presents, try to inspire your family to get outside and get moving.  
    7. Look for a 30 day fitness promotion.  Many gyms or yoga studios have a 30 day membership offer.  It’s a great way to maximize the next 30 days when you know you want to get the most for your 30 day trial.  
    8. Be a kid again! Winter and the holidays make us feel super nostalgic, and fun activities bring you back to your childhood.  Burn calories by building a snowman, making snow angels, going sledding, snowball fights!  
    9. Dance, Dance Dance.  You’ll be going to many holiday parties and there’s always music and get your steps in with a little bump and grind!  Having fun is contagious so be the life of the party and stay trim!
    10. Set a plan before you head to a party.  I will only have X drinks or I will skip dessert.  Nothing fun about this one, but setting a game plan ahead of time helps you prepare for the unhealthy habits ahead.  For me I usually make a decision before I go wine or dessert?  For me it’s usually wine.

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