What is RingHero?

RingHero is the athletic accessory that keeps your rings safe while you are doing anything active. It is worn on your wrist to provide visible security for your rings. Go ahead and get after it worry-free!

When should you use RingHero?

Think of any activity that could put your ring at risk or bring you discomfort while wearing your ring- that’s when you wear it!  For example: weight lifting, pilates, yoga, barre class, hiking, bouldering, rock climbing, gardening….. we could be here awhile!

What colors does RingHero come in?

We have three colors. Jet Black, Slate Gray and Midnight Blue.

How much does RingHero cost?

RingHero retails on our website for $19.99.

How many rings can fit in a RingHero?

The zipper pocket is 2 ½  X 1 ⅝  inches. We fit 4 rings comfortably and even a combo of 2 rings and a small necklace! Options are pretty open depending on size and shape of rings/jewelry.

How do you clean RingHero?

Don’t fret, the material we use is machine washable (wash on cold and air dry), but you can always spot clean with soap and water for a quick fix.

Can you put RingHero in the dryer?

We don’t recommend it for longevity of the fabric but you can. Just like most of your other active wear, best to machine wash and air dry.

Is RingHero waterproof?

It’s machine washable but for all you Olympic swimmers, stay tuned!

Should my RingHero ride-up or move while working out?

RingHero is one size fits most. The material allows for crazy stretch and should fit snug on your wrist so it won’t move during activity.

How do I know I'm using RingHero the right way?

When you hear the zip, your rings are set and protected.

How secure is my ring(s)?

We designed RingHero with safety as our top priority.  The zipper closure secures your ring while the soft interior fabric keeps it protected and clean.

Where do you ship?


When will I receive my RingHero?

All orders are shipped out within 48 hours of purchase. We ship via USPS First Class Mail so you should receive your RingHero within 5 business days from shipment.



If you purchase by pre-ordering:  If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy!  We will make it right and accept returns within 30 days of purchase.  Please note ~ You will be responsible for the cost associated with shipping your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary. If you are shipping items over $75, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. 

To initiate a return, please email info@yourringhero.com.

Disclaimer: Lost or damaged rings are not the responsibility of RingHero. All rights reserved.
Still haven’t answered your questions? Email us at: info@yourringhero.com.